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Bếp điện từ nhập khẩu Malaysia FASTER FS 638HI

13.990.000 6.990.000

Kitchenware from Faster FS 638HI quality, genuine discount up to 60% Only at


Three kiln oven: 01 electric oven 2 kilowatts
Save 30% of electricity consumption
Total capacity: 5300W
Right: 2200W
Furnace 1300W
Furnace : 1800W
Power use: 220-240V / 50HZ
KT Glass: 760 * 430mm
Rock drill size: 730 x 405mm

Elegant and elegant  cookware : The FS 638HI Malaysia cooker cooker is  an electric cooker from 3 separate cookers : 1 cooker (infrared) and 2 cooking areas, elegant and elegant design. The highlight of this kitchen is the efficient energy saving, quick cooking and absolute safety.

The Malaysia FS 638 HI cooker uses Vitro Ceramic  glass  with a glossy, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and highly scratch resistant finish, which enhances durability and aesthetics for the kitchen as well as easy cleaning. The kitchen has two cooking areas and the word, not picky pot should be very handy.

Quick and easy-to-use touch-sensitive control panel  : The 9-level cooker allows the user to control the kitchen simply by sliding it lightly.

The kitchen has a total capacity of 5300W, oven 1800W, oven between 1300W, oven must be 2200W. Power consumption is 220-240V / 50Hz

The FS 638HI Malaysia imported magnet cooker is fully equipped with modern safety features:    self-timer for each cooking zone, sensor for bottom detection, automatic shut-off when no pot, child lock, surge protection, overflow protection … FASTER always puts the safety of the kitchen users on the top so with the smart features above, consumers can rest assured to use. In addition, the Malaysian imported cooker FS638HI adapts well to electrical conditions as well as hot and humid climates in Vietnam, helping to increase longevity and efficiency during use.


Kitchen imported from Malaysia convergence of outstanding advantages such as European kitchen models, with strict testing components, modern assembly technology, but cheaper than imports of complete units from Germany, Italy, Spain, especially suitable for consumers in Vietnam. After the survey time, agents and consumers are highly appreciated in terms of form and quality. To purchase the kitchen products from Malaysia, FASTER please visit reputable agents of FASTER nationwide or Directly through the FASTER Showroom for further consultation. When buying a kitchen from Malaysia, please note that the certificate of origin and quality (CO / CQ certificate) is checked.

2 years warranty, permanent maintenance: 

Special after-sales service of FASTER will give customers peace of mind when buying and using. Come to FASTER, customers will be thoroughly consulted about the features as well as how to use, kitchen cleaning … science and the right way. When faced with any difficulties in using, customer care center and FASTER warranty are ready to support the fastest. Please visit the prestigious FASTER dealers nationwide or directly through the FASTER Showroom to be more specific about the latest imported Malaysia cooker of FASTER.

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